Our biggest adventure yet

I know, it’s been ages since any of the Greene Adventures tour guides have written. So sorry. We haven’t been slacking, we’ve just been really really busy. Busy with our biggest adventure yet…getting hitched!

That’s right. Jeff and I got married exactly one month ago today, Saturday, August 8, 2009.

All of you who are married, or have been married, will agree…pulling off a wedding is a big adventure. Embarking on married life is also a big adventure. But our Greene Adventure has been way bigger than even that. You see, exactly one month ago today, I gained not only a husband, but two great kids — Kellie (14) and Hunter (11).

Jeff and I have felt so blessed in our relationship.  From the way in which we re-found each other, to how quickly each of us recognized the other was “the one”, to how well things fell into place during our short 3-month engagement (we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get married on the Saturday that also marked the 1-year anniversary of our first date).  Even my pastor was a bit taken aback during our pre-marital counseling at how well Jeff and I already knew each other and how extensively we had already discussed even the toughest issues.

But, Jeff and I have felt most blessed in how enthusiastically the kids have embraced our relationship and our marriage.

Our first official family photo: Hunter, Jeff, Me and Kellie.

Our first official family photo: Hunter, Jeff, Me and Kellie.

Jeff is a wonderful father… the best.  And I am fully qualified to recognize what constitutes a great dad, because I was raised by the best dad a girl could ever have.  I see those same qualities in my husband.  They are some of the very qualities that first attracted me to him.  So I knew, going into a dating relationship with Jeff, just how important Hunter and Kellie are to him.  The kids feeling comfortable with me in their lives would be a deal breaker.  And marriage could never be an option for us if the kids weren’t in favor of it.

Kellie and Hunter didn’t just approve of our marriage, they were happy and excited for it.  Jeff discussed his intentions with them before he even proposed, and they gave their consent.  Both were thrilled to hear when Jeff popped the big question.  And both were super excited when we asked them to be in the wedding — Kellie was a bridesmaid; Hunter served as Jeff’s best man.  We involved them in the wedding cake decision, and we  included them in the pre-wedding festivities.  They had roles in the ceremony, and they sat at the head table with us during the reception.  We tried to include them as much as possible, and I think it paid off.

So, now we start our next big adventure… settling into life as a family!

We’ll blog about the wedding and post wedding pics as soon as we receive them from our photographer and go through them all.  But, in the mean time, Jeff and I will start sharing some of our Canadian Rockies adventures from our fabulous honeymoon in Banff National Park.


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