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  1. ADKinLA
    May 23, 2011

    Nice trip report Jeff! Really dig the pics!

    I have only hiked in the desert and in particular the Anza once and it didn’t go so well for me (damn cacti) but in reading your report, I have to wonder whether the Anza and the Sierra Club that allegedly maintains it shouldn’t just try and mark out these trails a little bit better? Were there cairns on your trail or did you just follow the truck path until it petered out? Not everything has to be handed to us on a wooden sign but that desert seems in desperate need of better markings/trails.

    • Jeff Greene
      May 24, 2011

      Thanks for the kind words!  

      On this particular hike, the trailhead was reasonably well marked (if you got the right pullout), and it was nearly impossible to get lost, as the road was pretty clear all the way up to the saddle adjacent to the peak, where it really did pretty much just end.The other Anza Borrego hikes we linked were all pretty easy to follow as well.  Palm Canyon (the lower half, at least) and Yaqui Well were both very well marked and even had interpretive brochures and signposts, while Pictographs was another one that you head up the obvious trail until it just dead ends.  Upper half of Palm Canyon (above the Palms) was definitely a “pick your own adventure” trail, but as long as you kept heading upstream, you can’t help but stay in the canyon and it is essentially impossible to get lost (though you may have a few false starts and stops as short pieces of trail prove impassible and you have to search for an alternative).We always consult as many write-ups as possible before we go (usually Trails.com and a minimum of one other blogger write-up), and usually print out at least the one best guide, if not two, and we download maps to the GPS ahead of time, so we’re rarely too surprised when the trail isn’t as clear as you’d want.  But yeah, we hate getting lost, too, and waver between being pleased to have some good signage along the way to keep us on track, and being over-managed with mileposts, interpretive signs, and rails that take away from the wilderness of it all.

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