Plan Your Next Chantry Flat Hike the 3rd Saturday of the Month for Mouth-Watering Chuck Wagon Style Pulled Pork

Chantry Flat Recreation Area, in Big Santa Anita Canyon, near Arcadia, California and Sierra Madre, California, in the Angeles National Forest is one of our favorite spots to hike. It’s simply gorgeous. A crossroads to some of the most beautiful trails in Southern California. And every good hike, of course, should end with good food. Historic Adams’ Pack Station offers excellent rugged food in a beautiful mountain setting, the perfect spot to enjoy a post-hike weekend afternoon.

Adam's Pack Station

The historic pack station, last of its kind. Allow yourself some time to peruse the literature and photos. The cash register can be seen in back.

Adam's Pack Station

Dog-friendly shady tables are available on the ground, and up on the patio, which can be seen to the left. The perfect spot to rest up after a good hike!

On the third Saturday of the month (except during winter), heaven comes to Chantry Flat in the form of Eric’s chuck wagon style pulled pork. Hop on over to our food blog to read the full review of Eric’s pulled pork, as well as offering from the Pack Station grill. And plan your next hike there — like we just did this past Saturday — to end in time to grab lunch or dinner (and a cold beer!) at Adam’s Pack Station afterwards.

Chantry Flats Dining

Signs are strategically placed along trailheads. This one, near the Sturtevant Falls trailhead did motivate us to hike faster on the way back uphill from the falls this past Saturday.

Adam's Pack Station

Why we picked this Saturday to re-hike Sturdevant Falls! We’d been waiting a year for Eric’s pulled pork to return to Adams’ Pack Station.

Sadly, Sturtevant Falls is barely a trickle right now after a couple of very dry years, and the creeks are so low that the log and rock-hopping crossings are not even necessary. But the area is still beautiful as ever and the shady lower winter creek area provides excellent scenic covering even during the hot summer months.

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