About Greene Adventues

Cal Poly Slo "P" With the Kids

Hike with the kids to the Cal Poly SLO “P”, November 1, 2014.

Greene Adventures is a husband and wife run hiking blog that also features general outdoors activities and good go & do urban outdoors adventures.

Colleen Greene is a librarian, web developer, content strategist, and educator from Orange County, California who grew up camping and hiking all over the western U.S. and Canada with her parents and siblings. Husband Jeff Greene is a paid political hack who grew up hunting and camping all over the midwest and western U.S. with his parents, brother, uncle, and cousins.


Trekking up the Athabasca Glacier during our Canadian honeymoon.

Both were raised in families that were taught to appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors, and the outdoors continue to play a big part in our marriage as well as the values and experiences we try to pass down to our own children.

So, whether you are seeking a long challenging hike, a short kid-friendly easy day hike, a scenic campground with clean restrooms, or a cool outdoorsy urban outing that will stimulate your kids’ minds, Greene Adventures offer something for every interest and age.

Whiting Ranch Red Rock IMG_0596

Hiking with the kids to Red RockCanyon in Whiting Ranch, California.

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      Hi David. We accept sponsors, but not sponsored posts. All posts need to be written by us or people we know, because posts are personal recommendations for hikes, campgrounds, adventures, products, etcetera.

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