Hikes & Adventures: Los Angeles County, California

Los Angeles County area adventures experienced and reviewed by Greene Adventures.

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Los Angeles County Adventure Map

Hikes are color coded by difficulty (using Modern Hiker and SoCal Hiker’s methodology):

Easy Hikes marker GREEN markers are short nature trails, gently-graded pathways, and routes that are relatively easy.
Moderate Hikes marker BLUE markers designate the “moderate” difficulty hikes. These trails may be lengthy, or have areas of intense elevation gain. They may require some scrambling, but most of these trails are easy day hikes that can be done by anyone in fairly decent shape.
Strenuous Hikes marker RED markers are for the “strenuous” trails. These are long, leg-busting paths that will require lots of time and effort. Some of these trails may venture through dangerous areas and require river crossings, backcountry orienteering, or more serious rock scrambling. In other words, if it’s your first time on the trail, don’t pick one of these.

Los Angeles County Hike Index

An alphabetical index of all Los Aneles County area hiking Trails trekked and reviewed by Greene Adventures.

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Each distinct Trail is listed once (unless hiked differently, such as reversing the route), to keep the list clean and simple. If we’ve hiked that Trail multiple times, the Guide link will take your to our latest Trail write-up, which will also reference and link back to prior dates hiked in case you want to see how that particular hike has changed through the years or in different seasons.

Los Angeles County Hike Index

Bat Cave to Mount Lee and the Hollywood SignSanta Monica Mountains7.11,076'ModerateYesYes
Big Santa Anita Canyon: Sturtevant Falls TrailViewSan Gabriel Mountains4.60399'ModerateYesYes
Big Santa Anita Canyon: Winter Creek LoopViewSan Gabriel Mountains6.251000'ModerateYesYes
Cabrillo Beach-Point Fermin-White Point Preserve LoopViewCoast4.88165'ModerateYesYes
Cooper Canyon Falls via the Burkhart Trail ViewSan Gabriel Mountains3.00800'ModerateYesYes
Devil's Punchbowl to Devil's ChairViewSan Gabriel Mountains7.75618'ModerateNoYes
East Fork of the San Gabriel River on the Road to NowhereViewSan Gabriel Mountains6.45700'ModerateYesYes
East Fork of the San Gabriel River to the Bridge To NowhereViewSan Gabriel Mountains10.00980'StrenuousNoNo
Eaton Canyon Falls TrailViewSan Gabriel Mountains3.84481'ModerateYesYes
Fish Canyon Falls TrailViewSan Gabriel Mountains4.45680'ModerateYesYes
Glendora Wilderness Park: Big Dalton Dam TrailViewSan Gabriel Mountains3.77400'ModerateYesYes
Ice House Canyon to Timber Mountain via Ice House Canyon-Chapman TrailsViewSan Gabriel Mountains11.93388'StrenuousNoYes
Mount Baden Powell Trail (Partial)ViewSan Gabriel Mountains5.351541'StrenuousNoYes
Mount Baldy Notch Moonlight HikeViewSan Gabriel Mountains4.31310'ModerateYesYes
Mount Baldy via Devil's Backbone from the NotchViewSan Gabriel Mountains6.342315'StrenuousNoNo
Puente Hills HPA: Hellman Wilderness Park LoopViewPuente Hills4.00618'ModerateYesYes
Puente Hills HPA: Powder Canyon-Schabarum Trail LoopViewPuente Hills4.50763'ModerateYesYes
Puente Hills HPA: Powder Canyon via the Black Walnut-Powder Canyon-Nogales Trails LoopViewPuente Hills2.4400'ModerateYesYes
Rustic Canyon: Murphy Ranch - Camp Josepho LoopViewSanta Monica Mountains6.15453'ModerateYesYes
Solstice Canyon to Rising Sun Trail above MalibuViewSanta Monica Mountains3.60455'ModerateYesYes
Stoddard Peak TrailViewSan Gabriel Mountains6.19854'ModerateYesYes

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