Devil’s Chair in Devil’s Punchbowl, Straddling the San Andreas Fault!

Devil's Chair at Devil's Punchbowl

A great 7.74 mile dog-friendly hike into a geological wonderland called Devil’s Punchbowl out to the Devil’s Chair, right on top of the San Andreas Fault. Located where the Mojave Desert meets the Angeles National Forest, the rock formations and landscape are amazing, and if you pick up the visitor’s guide at the visitor’s center or research it in advance, quite educational! [Read more…]

TRYING to Hike to Big Dalton Dam

Big Dalton Dam

This hike was supposed to get us up along a creek to some waterfalls, an experimental forest, and a reservoir just outside of town. In the end, it was mostly a big waste of time, redeemed only by a short stretch of shaded creek-side hiking that may make a decent picnic spot and hike for young kids, but if you’re looking for more than a 1.5 mile hike along the water, it isn’t really worth it. [Read more…]